A complicated story is a Chinese movie that revolves about the life story of Lui Yazi, a mainland immigrant to Hong Kong who tales a sizable pay to become a surrogate mother for tabloid starlet Tracy T. When Tracy T. cancels the deal, Yazi refuses to give up the child, running from her benefactors and turning into sometime boyfriend Law Chun ming for support. then the biological father, famous tycoon Yuk Cheung gets involved, the whole situation spiraling into a complicated melodrama.

The movies’ story is well structured, even though it was a foreign language, it was entertaining to watch, the subtitles were matched and timed really well. The characters were also well played, all of the actors really get into the role, the delivery of their lines were witty and their acting are also good. The story’s’ plot is not what you’re going to expect. I consider this movie refreshing because of its story, its a modern take on the concept “love knows no boundaries.” The musical scoring was good too.

As for the technical side of the movie, honestly it was a so-so. the camera shots are either too close or too far, the intense zooming on the actors face in kinda off for me as well. The fast panning of the camera is also too distracting, some of the camera shots were not appropriate for the mood of the scene, but maybe it can be a Chinese norm. The editing and coloring of the whole movie was good.

All in all, the m0vie was good, it tackles a subject that is really sensitive to the society and gave justice to it. I commend all the actors, scriptwriters, directors and staffs for producing a good movie. I am giving this movie a solid 6 out of 10 :)-GMF