img_9647-josh-tan-e1486133958562NEWS FEATURE – The Chinese New Year is one of the most anticipated holidays not only to the Chinese but also to most of the people around the world. It is the time of the year where the streets were all lighted up, sounds of firecrackers are everywhere and who would have forget the delicious foods that we usually see when we celebrate this event? We have the Tikoy (of course), the Lumpia and Pansit, Hopia and Many more; In this connection, it is very significant that an event like a film fest would be introduced to people to know more about the Chinese Culture.

The 11th Spring Festival, organized by The Ateneo de Manila University’s Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, along with Manila’s top lifestyle destination Shangri-la Plaza, and Ateneo’s foremost Chinese organization, Ateneo Celadon is one essential event that we shall see this coming Chinese New Year.

The said event features the viewing of six different films with different genres, which surely people will enjoy. Along with the film viewing, the event also features Chinese Painting Exhibit, Chinese Music Concert, Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop and the most anticipated Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance that will serve as the closing ceremonies of the said event.

Another highlights of this particular film festival are the words from the invited guest speakers. One of them was Dr. Jane Yugioksing, Chinese Studies Program Chair, emphasized on the cultural significance of the event. Other speakers were Dr. Rosita Leong and Fr. Ben Nebres, who both shared their own sentiments about the Spring Film Festival  and about the empowerment of the relationships and connection between Filipinos and Chinese.

Additionally, Dr. Bata emphasized their motive to try to improve the Film Fest by choosing the best films to show the people.

It is very important that we have at least this kind of event in celebrating the Chinese New Year. With these, we will not only see how good the Chinese are in the field of film making but also we will able to discover how rich their culture is. -JM LEAÑO