On January 26, I got a chance to watch one of the movies which entitled as “A complicated story”. This movie really needs a great patience to comprehend the development of the characters.

To summarize the whole complicated melodrama, Liu Yazi an immigrant to Hong Kong who is taking up a mission because she needs a large amount of money to pay for her brother’s medical fees due to sudden illness.The project involves Yazi as a surrogate mother for former celebrity and her husband the project was arranged by lawyer Kammy, she oversees the progress. With everything taken care of, Yazi’s job is to ensure that she will give birth to the child when she is due for birth. However, Kammy calls for a stop of the project when Lawrence files for a divorce with Tracy, in which the barren Tracy hopes that she can use the child as a reason to salvage the loveless marriage. Not wanting to abort the child, Yazi escapes from the mansion she is nursing in and stays in an apartment. When Lawrence appears to Yazi suddenly, claiming to be the father of the unborn child, Yazi avoided him at all costs as she wants to raise the child by herself. Things went beyond everybody’s control when Yazi’s ex-boyfriend, Zhen Ming is willing to be the child’s father, Lawrence is supporting Yazi in every aspect and courting her at the same time, and Kammy is attracted to Yazi.

The author of this movie knows how to give the wants of the viewer. While watching the whole movie, every scene is unpredictable. The ending is very random, it is open ending. I just didn’t like the thought that Kammy and Yazi can be together. I’d rather choose Lawrence than Kammy. I’m not anti homosexuality, but I’m not also fan of it. I do believe that God only created male and female. Without this topic as part of the movie, I think I will enjoy the whole story. I only have some negative outlook on different camera angles they used. There are awkward shots that are not suited on the scene. But over all, it was a great movie. – Ma. Jessica Berden