” Love wins, love always wins” says Mitch Albom.

The utterance of “love wins” is my verdict to the movie “A complicated story”, a Chinese film directed by Kiwi Chow adapted from the novel of the prevalent author Yi Shu.

       The story goes with a young-witted woman who attempts to pursue her career and studies in Hong Kong, but like what some other immigrant’s fall, Liu Yazi turns to sign a contract of being a surrogate mother for that way beyond rich bussiness man, Mr. Yuk Cheong.

Liu Yazi enjoys all the perks attended by Kammy Au, a lawyer.

Afar from what this young woman’s visible reason for taking the contract lies a hidden,untouchable and unthinkable intention of hers.

Liu Yazi faces lots of difficulty on committing  herself to an intimate relationship with her current boyfriend and with her pursuant Mr. Yuk Cheong that eventually falls for her.

At the end of the story Liu Yazi made her mind to keep coming back on what her true feelings is telling her to do. Kammy Au, the lawyer turns out have had an affair with Liu Yazi and yet she was more comfortable with her.

But more than that Liu Yazi reveals her true motiation on pursuing to be a surrogate mother of cute little twins, and that is aside of having a preference of loving a same sex as her, she wanted to be a mother of a child that will complete her being. Being a conceiving woman of little joys in the world.

To reflect this in my review, I would love to see more movies that contains message like this. The mere fact that this movie explains what and how love can make your life a big turn around and at the end makes you realize that every person is made for a certain reason that gives you reason not to let you waste your life.

On the Technical Aspects, this movie have that realistic feeling that transports you to every settings. Establishing shots, close ups and amazing techniques had been observed in this movie which can educate film makers.

The portrayals of the characters are convicingly passionate on their craft because the movie comes out really well.

People who wants to understand well what “Love wins” you can watch for this movie and enjoy! -Jeanilyn Bino

“A Complicated Story” Poster released in 2013