maxresdefault.jpg                Xue Xiaolu’s sequel to Finding Mr. Right, Book of Love, is a film that offers a bit of twist in today’s romantic motion pictures, and I am so fortunate to watch the film for free in the Spring Film Festival at Edsa Shagri-La. It featured two different storylines until the end of the film. Although it is mainly a romance film, it also showed a mix of comedy and drama in its genre. The film also bared the beauty of some of the world’s famous tourist destinations such as Macau and Las Vegas. The overall film is good but it could’ve been better in some aspects.

Book of Love’s cinematography is good, but not that great. Shaky shots weren’t an issue and are really acceptable. But apparently, there are many macro shots than wide shots. Macro shots were so many that it is misplaced at some scenes. The film also had aerial shots which are quite great until an aerial shot above the London Bridge in a twilight setting which produced to a noisy or grainy clip and low quality video.

The film’s color is very natural. The saturation is mild, as well as the contrast. Its temperature is a bit warm which helped established the time and setting of the film wherever the location is. There were also some noticeable animations which were done quite well, like the flying mails. It seemed that those mails were blown by the wind but if you looked closer and observed more, it is noticeable that those were just generated animations. Besides, it’s hard to simulate a real set of mails flying in a choreographed manner.

They also mastered the film to 5.1 surround sound which was in full effect, thanks to the speaker set up of Edsa Shangri-La’s Cineplex. The panning of sound was crystal clear and audible that adds effect to the real-feel of the audience. Another good point for the film is its superb sound design. The SFX worked well with the film and although very minimal, the Foleys were also noticeable and it’s an A+ for the sound designers!

Personally, my hopelessly romantic self was moved by this movie because of its really beautiful story. Aside from its minute mishaps, it is a great film that showcases the culture and life of Chinese inside and outside their homeland in a different approach and perspective. So if you’ll have a chance to see the film, don’t hesitate to watch. It’s surely worth your time.

– Johannes J. Gelilang