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A astonishing time to create memories that we will be inspire to move, with the coordination of all the sponsors especially Shangri- La Plaza made Chinese New Year more unforgettable and worth to remember. Continue reading “News Feature”


Movie Review: A Complicated Story

On January 26, I got a chance to watch one of the movies which entitled as “A complicated story”. This movie really needs a great patience to comprehend the development of the characters. Continue reading “Movie Review: A Complicated Story”

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Film makers and people who love to watch Chinese Film can now watch at Shangri-La Plaza as there activity known as Spring Film Festival for free admission from January 25-29. Continue reading “News Article”

News Article

As celebrating the Chinese New Year is special not only to the people with Chinese blood here in the Philippines but for the full blooded Filipinos as well. Continue reading “News Article”

11th Spring Film Festival: A Chinese New Year’ Treat for Filipinos

img_9647-josh-tan-e1486133958562NEWS FEATURE – The Chinese New Year is one of the most anticipated holidays not only to the Chinese but also to most of the people around the world. It is the time of the year where the streets were all lighted up, sounds of firecrackers are everywhere and who would have forget the delicious foods that we usually see when we celebrate this event? We have the Tikoy (of course), the Lumpia and Pansit, Hopia and Many more; In this connection, it is very significant that an event like a film fest would be introduced to people to know more about the Chinese Culture. Continue reading “11th Spring Film Festival: A Chinese New Year’ Treat for Filipinos”

Everybody’s Fine (Film Review)

wFEATURE – Everybody’s fine is a 2016 Comedy/Family Chinese movie about an aging father who wants to create more memories with his family before time consumes him. He was a geologist so he seldom spent time with his kids. Now, his sons and daughters are all grown-up and he tries to fill in the gap of their relationship. Continue reading “Everybody’s Fine (Film Review)”

11th Spring Film Festival, opens with a Chinese painting exhibit

ateneo-celadon-chinese-spring-film-festival-724x1024NEWS –  The 11th Spring Film Festival officially opens with a wide display of Chinese paintings and artworks on its Gala Night at the Shangri-La Mall at Mandaluyong on January 25, 2017. Continue reading “11th Spring Film Festival, opens with a Chinese painting exhibit”

Movie Review: A Complicated Story

A complicated story is a Chinese movie that revolves about the life story of Lui Yazi, a mainland immigrant to Hong Kong who tales a sizable pay to become a surrogate mother for tabloid starlet Tracy T. When Tracy T. cancels the deal, Yazi refuses to give up the child, running from her benefactors and turning into sometime boyfriend Law Chun ming for support. then the biological father, famous tycoon Yuk Cheung gets involved, the whole situation spiraling into a complicated melodrama. Continue reading “Movie Review: A Complicated Story”

Spring Film Festival 2017


Last January 26, people have gathered in Edsa Shangri-la Plaza to attend a painting exhibit that showcased the talents of some local Chinese painters. This exhibit also showed the unique characteristic of the Chinese culture. Continue reading “Spring Film Festival 2017”

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